Types of “flash” games

 1. Gambling
      They are created for those who want to test themselves and their happiness, when playing roulette, having scattered the game of preference or poker, having arranged a real contest for a one-armed bandit. They replaced the ban on the casino and all sorts of cards. The ban in real, everyday life, and in the world of computer technology, gambling “flash drives” are very popular. On the site of online games, in real mode you can play a game with a computer or find yourself a partner. In games of this format, participants do not cheat, they are completely deprived of this opportunity, as the distribution of cards, the state of the deck and the progress of the whole process is occupied by a computer, and it completely controls the situation. These classes act as a relaxing remedy and promote a relaxing holiday. The safety of these classes is minimized, because even despite losing, the participant does not need to pay, and he always remains with his money.
2. Race
    The male part of the population of players around the world and different ages, just adores these popular “flash drives”. There is an incredible number of different races. Incredible popularity, in our days has acquired the type of “trial.” Racer, in this genre, should not only overtake his rivals and quickly finish, but also overcome all kinds of obstacles on the way to the finish. Riding in the race involves not only driving in a car, motorcycles, boats, scooters, trucks and several other types of equipment are involved. According to the plot, the race takes place on the streets of cities, in the mountains, forests, the sea and all this is accompanied by a beautiful natural landscape. Races can be arranged as free, with the participation of one or more competitors. This kind of helps in the development of the reaction, concentration and for a pleasant pastime.
3. Adventure Games
    This kind of “flash” game, has always been and remains today, the most beloved and popular computer game for all ages. In the “wanderer” it is necessary to act as a certain hero, with whom he experiences and passes all the plot tests. Popular TV shows and favorite cartoons, played a significant role in the creation of stories for them. Mario’s favorite, became a legend of this genre and represents his classic example. “Travelers” are certainly made up of several classic levels, having gone through one, it is necessary to overcome the next, but the complexity is increasing.