Flash games

Flash games: themes, features, types

      In search of themes for flash games, developers often turn to cartoons, familiar and beloved by a huge number of children and adults.
      Naturally, the creations of the company Pixar repeatedly fell into the “sight” of developers precisely because of popularity. So there were games Toy Story, Monsters Corporation, Cars, Ratatouille and many others. The use of cartoon characters in flash games is more than logical, since these games do not aim to achieve maximum realism – unlike the usual creations of the computer industry.
      Such games usually do not require the installation of additional applications. In turn, flash games are divided into:
– multi-user;
– single-user;
– massively-multi-user.


       These kinds of games were most popular due to the technology. Before games developed with the help of this technology became so relevant, games made with java were very popular.
      Single-player flash games are simple and accessible for quick development, as a rule. A characteristic feature of such games is the inability to keep the game position in the game, that is, each time you need to start the game first. In most cases, these games are considered to be casual.


       To the category of this kind of games can be attributed board games, for example, chess, backgammon, checkers, and also card games. The main feature of multiplayer flash games is that you can play together or with several partners. Through the browser, players are connected to each other.
       Flash game of this class can require both a one-time presence of all players during the session, and no. In the latter case, the moves are made by the players in turn, and the results are saved by the server.


       A characteristic feature of this kind of game is that in this mode hundreds, thousands of players interact with each other. In most cases, the interface of such games is made in the form of usual HTML-pages with images and text. Minor interactivity (chat, timers) is provided through JavaScript. Many games use flash technology that allows you to make the game interface a lot appealing outwardly.
      It is also worth mentioning that Flash technology adds some limitations to the game process (overlapping of standard browser functions, for example), delays associated with downloading clips.