Do you know 3 amazing advantages of flash games?

      Browser games are multi-user online projects that attract the average user with their accessibility. There is no need to download the client, an intuitive interface, as well as the ability to play if there is an Internet connection and a browser. But in a few years their positions have shifted significantly and flash games ranked first in popularity. Why? What is so unusual in them once makes people choose them?
      If you compare with browser or client online games, then flash games should significantly lose the above-described projects. But let’s think about who is the main audience of such games: office workers, students, schoolchildren. They need small breaks, during which they can safely play and distract from work or study. Most of all they are attracted by online games of racing or shooting games – something quite simple and bright. So what could attract them in flash games?
       1. Linearity. Strangely enough, people are looking for linear games, where there is no need to think about the development of their state or the pumping of the hero. In flash games, all you need is to kill enemies or pass the quest. Thus, a person spends minimum of his free time, but gets a lot of pleasure from the process;
       2. Graphics. Despite the fact that the schedule is a great help, it attracts attention. Bright, interesting, saturated with various colors – what else is needed for a person? Despite the fact that in almost all flash games the characters look like cartoon characters, it gives them an unusual charm and charm;
       3. Variety. Here, alas, no one can argue that flash games have gone far ahead. Browser and client online games, although they provide players a wide range of genres, but to try them all – you will need, almost a year, while in flash games you have enough and 5 minutes for one game. And where will you find a browser game dedicated to cooking or baseball?
       Thus, flash games perfectly fit the requirements of people: bright, interesting, funny and take up least of your free time. Flash games will be an excellent break between work or a factor that can switch your attention. That’s why they began to enjoy such incredible popularity among people of all ages.