Concept and history

Concept and history of flash games

    Each user of the Internet, wandering around the expanses of the world wide web, encounters such concepts as flash games. On the game portals, on the selected home page, on many sites, there are ads or invitations to play flash games. What are computer games – everyone knows, but that means the prefix flash – the few. Let’s try to most fully cover the topic of such games – the history of origin, the very concept and their classification.
    The history of flash can be said to have begun in 1986. Since the creation of the flash is based on vector morphing (one keyframe gently “flows” into another), the pioneer of this technology is the Fantavision program, created this year. Further this technology was used by the creators of the game Another World (1991year), followed by Flashback – in 1993.
    Developing Flash began the company FutureWave, which created the animation package Future Splash Animator. Originally this program was used to make cartoons. However, FutureWave could not reach popularity on its own, and in 1996 it was acquired by Macromedia. The company changed the internal format, implementing support for other popular graphic formats, and renamed Future Splash Animator in Flash. Although Macromedia created good advertising for its new product, the popularity of Flash did not come right away. The first two versions of the program were fairly primitive, based on vector graphics. The third version of the program allowed to create sites, and only with the release of the fourth version began to appear all known flash games.
    Flash games are internet diversions that utilization the program interface (browser games). Usually, their use requires the installation of a flash player on a computer or a flash plug on a user’s browser. Such games are compact in size and do not take up much space on the hard drive. In addition, they do not require high technical characteristics of the computer, since these are small games with cartoon graphics.
    Now flash games can be played, both downloading to your PC, and online. The most pleasant in this mode is that online games can be played for free. In addition, playing online games, you have the opportunity to communicate with other players, to master the new technique of the game. Unlike usual, online game is different in that it exists independently of you, at the expense of other users participating in the game.