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Do you know 3 amazing advantages of flash games?

      Browser games are multi-user online projects that attract the average user with their accessibility. There is no need to download the client, an intuitive interface, as well as the ability to play if there is an Internet connection and a browser. But in a few years their positions have shifted significantly and flash games ranked …


Why are online games popular not only among children?

      Games is perhaps the only thing that attracts to the screen of a PC or laptop users of any age. There is nothing surprising. First, all ages are submissive not only to love, but to entertainment. Secondly, on the web today you can find games for everyone.       How to clarify the notoriety of online games? …

Flash games

Flash games: themes, features, types

      In search of themes for flash games, developers often turn to cartoons, familiar and beloved by a huge number of children and adults.       Naturally, the creations of the company Pixar repeatedly fell into the “sight” of developers precisely because of popularity. So there were games Toy Story, Monsters Corporation, Cars, Ratatouille and many others. The …